Improvements in Naxai Email API and user interface

A fresh set of improvements have been added to our product with the start of the summer.

Improvements in Naxai Email API

Suppression lists

Suppression lists are a new protective mechanism that prevents sending emails to recipients that previously bounced or marked your emails as spam. This allows Naxai to preserve the reputation of our sending address.

When a recipient is in the suppression list, the email is not delivered, and a specific event is sent to your webhooks if configured.

Delayed bounces

We have added details about the "DelayedBounce" events to our system to help you identify temporarily unreachable recipients. For example due to incorrect domain names, full mailboxes, and so on.

This information is sent to your webhook in the event email.failed.v1

Updates in Naxai user interface


The navigation bar of the Naxai user interface has been updated so that all the account management features are available in the same panel.

Switch to a subaccount

Owners of an account can now select in which subaccount context they want to work, directly from the list of subaccounts.