You add contacts using their unique identifiers: phone, email address, or externalId.

Go to Contacts > Identifier to update the identifiers supported.

How to add and update contacts

In Naxai, several ways to add contacts to your account include through the User Interface, uploading CSV files, or utilizing our APIs or libraries. Each approach offers distinct advantages and is suitable for specific use cases.
The table below shows the most appropriate method for each use case.

User InterfaceAdding individual contacts manually via the Naxai's interface
Import CSVBulk import with a CSV file
APIAdd or update contact using API
IntegrationsAdd or update contact using Integrations: Zapier, Make,...
FTPAutomatic Bulk Import with a CSV file

Contact Identifier

Identifiers refer to distinct values representing contacts, such as an email address, phone number, or external ID. When adding or updating contacts, these identifiers are used for identification purposes and will prevent duplicates when adding more contacts in the future.

When starting to use contacts, it is essential to determine which identifier you wish to support.
This will depend on your use case:

  • email: used when primarily sending emails to contacts. This is the identifier by default.
  • phone: used for SMS and voice communication as the primary means of interacting with contacts
  • external ID: this is a unique identifier assigned to an individual. Typically, this value represents a person in your backend systems, such as a unique username, user ID, employee ID, or contract number.
  • Naxai ID: this unique identifier is created by Naxai to identify the contact