Adding and Removing Sub Accounts

Sub Accounts enable the management of various departments, teams, and products within a single Naxai account.

Each user belongs to a primary account. Only an owner can add or remove Sub Accounts and can switch from the main Account to any Sub Account. Users with the roles admin, collaborator, and agent are attached to the main Account or a specific Sub Account.

Sub Accounts are containers with API credentials, contacts, segments, campaigns, surveys, and invoice lines.
You can also use them to run experiments or for testing purposes.

Adding Sub Accounts

Only Owners can create and update Sub Accounts.

  1. Go to Sub Accounts page
  2. Click the button Create Sub Account
  3. Provide a name and an invoice reference (optional)
    This invoice reference is inserted on your invoice allowing you to dispatch costs or invoices internally.

Removing Sub Accounts

By removing a Sub Account, all data linked and related to the Sub Account is deleted without possibly recovering or undoing the operation.