Suppressions (opt-out)

The SMS suppression list represents a list of phone numbers from contacts that will no longer receive your SMS messages. This protective mechanism prevents sending SMS messages to recipients who previously opted out of your communication. This allows Naxai to preserve the reputation of the sending number. This opt-out management is a regulatory requirement.

An SMS will not delivered to a recipient in the suppression list, and a specific event is sent to your webhooks if configured.

There can be different reasons why a contact has been added to a suppression list:

  1. Added manually on Naxai
  2. Added by your support team
  3. The recipient has opted out of the communication (e.g., by answering "stop" to a text message)

Only mobile phone numbers can be added to the suppression list. To remove a phone number from your suppression list, contact our support at [email protected].