Getting Started with Naxai

Welcome to Naxai!

Learn how to use Naxai to automate your client communication. Naxai will allow you to:

  • get immediate insights into your customers' satisfaction
  • improve your customers' experience
  • build better customer relationships and reduce churn

How to get started

Once signed up to the platform, you will receive an activation email to set up your account and choose a password.

From then on, you'll be able to log in to the Naxai platform, which is accessible here.

What's next?

Check the overview to discover all the amazing features we offer and let this documentation guide you through the steps necessary to set up your automatic communications.

If you have a question or run into an issue, you can open a support ticket by contacting our support team via [email protected].

Want a quick visual overview of Naxai? Watch the video below.

What’s Next