Call hangup causes


Calls in Voice broadcast and Voice API can end for various reasons, such as network failures, busy users, or invalid number formats. These call failures are usually described in technical telecom terms, which can be challenging to understand.

This help document explains the common hangup causes in simple, user-friendly language.

Hangup causes

successconnectedThis cause indicates a normal call event where the call is terminated after the conversation, with no errors on the telecom side.
successvoicemailThis cause indicates the call was sent to the voicemail, and a message was left.
busyremote-busyThis cause indicates that the called party
cannot accept another call because they are busy with another call.
no-answertimeoutThis is when the called person didn't respond to the call within a specific time limit.
no-answerunknownThe call failed at the carrier's end for unknown reasons.
no-answerunreachableThis cause indicates that the call could not be completed because the number is not currently allocated or assigned to anyone.
rejectedinvalid-from-numberThe from number is not allocated or deactivated.
rejectedinvalid-phone-number-formatThis cause indicates the destination number is not in a valid format.
rejectednvalid-phone-number-countryThis cause indicates the destination number's country is not allowed.
rejectedcall-blockedThis cause indicates that Naxai blocked it.
rejectedno-valid-payment-setupThis cause indicates the payment settings are not using auto top-up for your prepaid account.
rejectedinvalid-accountThis causes indicates your account is blocked.