Reserved attributes

Reserved attributes in Naxai are designed to facilitate essential functions within the platform.

You'll find them under People Attributes, being marked with the grey "Reserved" label, meaning they cannot be deleted.

The table below shows an overview of the usage, format and validation of every reserved attribute:

AttributeUsageFormat & Validation
nxIdUnique identifier of contact in Naxai.
emailIdentifier for email Valid RFC 5322 email address
phoneIdentifier for phoneValid phone number E165 without leading 0
E.g. 32478112233
externalIdIdentifier for externalIdmax 64 chars, and only the following chars are accepted: A-Za-z0-9_-./
createdAtThe date when contact was created. If not provided, the date and time of the creation are used. You can override this value when creating and updating the contact. Valid Unix epoch
createdAtNaxaiThe date when contact was created.
Read-Only value cannot be overridden.
Valid Unix epoch
unsubscribedThis attribute identifies whether an individual is subscribed or unsubscribed from your campaigns and broadcasts.a boolean value: true or false
smsCapableIndicates if the phone is a mobile phone or not.a boolean value: true or *false
languageIndicates the speaking language of the contactValid language in ISO 639-1 Code