Survey templates

Choosing a template

Naxai offers different customer satisfaction surveys templates, in order to facilitate the process of creating a survey.

Use the tags and categories on the right side of the screen to find the most suitable template for your industry and business goals.

Every template shows the number of questions included, the time to complete, and the channels that can be used. This can however be modified during the configuration of your survey.

Create a survey template

Survey templates can be created by owner and admin users. By default, these templates are private and are only visible to the users of your account. This allows you to create branded templates and reuse them at a later stage.

The structure, content, and branding of the survey are saved in the template. However, the configuration of the channels is not included. Follow the steps below to create your own template.

Step 1:

Create, edit, and published a survey. More information about this process can be found here.

Step 2:

Save your published survey as a template like shown below. All of the settings, except from the distribution channels will be saved.

You will find your created template under the "My Templates" category when creating a new survey. Adapt the questions if necessary, and to configure the distribution channels to start sending your survey.

What’s Next