Distribution channels

Naxai allows you to select the distribution channels for your survey. Currently we offer 4 different channels, being email, sms link, sms-2-way and voice, each having their own specificities.

You can configure channels by clicking on the third icon in the menu of the survey editor, as shown here:


Please note that the available channels depend on your subscription plan. For more information about our different plans an what they include, click here.

To decide ones to use, keep in mind which channels your customers use or prefer (in general, and in relation to your company). Consider a multichannel approach to personalize how to reach out and achieve a higher response rate.

Email channel

  • How it works: with the email channel, you’ll send a survey via email to your audience's inbox. The content of the survey will appear in the body of the email, from where your customers can reply directly.
  • Advantages: tap into what your audience is used to. Email is still the most used method for collecting data, and it’s perceived as a very non-intrusive method.

Configure an email channel.


  • How it works: with the SMS-link channel, you’ll send a text message to your audience with a link to your survey. When the respondent clicks on the link, they will be taken to a webpage where they can complete your survey.
  • Advantages: capture your audience where they spend most of their time: on their mobile phone. An sms containing a link to your survey will get you high and fast response rates. It’s a very quick and easy way to reach out.

Configure an SMS-link channel.


  • How it works: with the SMS-2-way channel, you can send a text message to your audience that includes your survey questions, and the respondent can reply with their answers directly in their SMS client.
  • Advantages: go for a more intuitive way of interacting by sending SMS messages in a conversational style, each message containing a survey question and being replied to separately. This channel also allows for quick and easy responses.

Configure an SMS-2-way channel.


  • How it works: with the Voice channel, we create an interactive voice response (IVR) survey that allows respondents to complete your survey by answering to a phone call. The IVR system will guide the respondent through your survey questions
  • Advantages: wish to stand out? Send your survey through voice, which is a very natural and time efficient manner, believed to help your audience giving more honest and detailed answers. This two-way communication assists in building a stronger relationship between you and your customer.

Configure a voice channel.

Check out this video to guide you through the channel configuration process.