Send a survey

Before sending a survey, check if you have:

  1. created valid contacts, as explained in the contacts section
  2. created and published a survey using Naxai
  3. and chosen the channels to send your survey, as explained in the channel channel section.

Ways to send a survey

There are several ways you can send your survey, including:

  1. Manually via a form: you can trigger your survey manually by filling out a form with the contacts' information and sending the survey link directly to them.
  2. API: you can trigger your survey programmatically by using Naxai Survey platform API. This method allows you to integrate the survey distribution process into your existing workflow or application.

In addition, you can optionally add metadata with each of these methods, called survey data, that are related to the survey. This can include information such as sales representative or agent, the type of issue or request, or any other relevant element you'd like to track.